About Us

Crushfame - Chase your passions and get paid.


Crushfame is an educational platform bringing together the world’s most successful social media influencers to teach a new generation how to make money with their passions online.

Crushfame consists of highly detailed video courses, exploring the collective experience and knowledge of each influencer. Each course is a detailed overview of exactly how the influencer achieved their success - from getting started, building a following, through to commercial agreements and beyond. Presented in an personal one on one style format, each Crushfame course includes a custom playbook to help plan for success, as well as resources and additional downloads.

Crushfame’s ambition is to help a new generation of individuals chase their own passions and commercialise them online.

 Team Crushfame are based in Sydney, Australia.


Coming soon

Crushfame will be launching a series of new exciting courses in the coming months so remember to pre-register your interest. Sign up now to join our VIP list for an early-bird discount offer.